Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hounded by the "Mrs."

I'm used to being called "Mrs. Arthur."

Though I never took my husband's surname, every marketer who dials up the phone of "John Arthur" and hears a woman's voice answer, then addresses me as "Mrs. Arthur."

It's a quick way for me to determine that it's a junk call.

"Please take us off your calling list," I answer several times per day.

I recently stopped using my father's surname, given to me at birth, and took a matrilineal surname, Linstatter.

I filed the papers to get a court order to change my name, then got a new driver's license and new Social Security card.  Now I'm calling various insurance and credit card companies to report the new surname.

Yesterday when I called Chase Bank, the conversation went like this:

"Hi, I'm calling to report that my surname has changed.  It's now Linstatter."

"Congratulations!" the man responded.  "What is your account number and your former name?"

After recording the change, he ended the call by saying, "Alright, Mrs. Linstatter.  Have a nice day."

Mrs. Linstatter?

I guess I'll never get rid of the assumption that I carry my husband's surname.

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