Sunday, March 8, 2015

Equal Rights in Religion

Women of various faiths are fasting today for equality for women in all religions.

They're also launching a social media campaign: #equalinfaith

There's a new organization, Equal in Faith, founded in 2013, that has a website and Facebook page, etc.  It includes Catholic, Mormon, and Lutheran Church Missouri Synod women.

"Make It Happen" is the theme for this year's International Women's Day--today, March 8.

March 8: Reflections

Thank you to Mary S. Hartman for her reflections on where we stand in the women's movement today, March 8, 2015, International Women's Day.

1963: Betty Friedan and The Feminine Mystique

2015: President Obama highlights continued economic inequality for women in his State of the Union speech.

Thank you to both and many more.

We march on, shoulder to shoulder, for equal pay, child care, freedom from sexual abuse and rape...