Wednesday, February 1, 2017

POTUS acts normal for 8 hours

What a relief: dt rolled out a reasonably normal human being as his Supreme Court nominee.

Neil Gorsuch is not a Steve Bannon or Jeff Sessions-like man.

He's pretty far to the right but not a nut.

We are now grateful for small steps in the direction of normalcy from the crazy man posing trying to act like a president.

dt did a good job of seeming normal today, except for the drum-roll drama preceding his announcement.  He seemed to want to prolong the suspense that kept him alone in the spotlight.

Republicans kept President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, from even having a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, much less a vote in the Senate.

Democrats will not do that to any Republican nominee.  It was unconscionable.

"Garland's nomination lasted for a total of 293 days -- the longest period in Supreme Court history, by far -- without ever getting a confirmation hearing, or a hearing of any kind, from Senate Republicans. Only three other nominations lasted for longer than 100 days -- Louis Brandeis, confirmed in 1916 after 125 days; Robert Bork, rejected in 1987 after 114; and Potter Stewart, confirmed in 1959 after 108," as UPI reports.

After two weeks of sheer insanity, dt has us just where he wants us: grateful for any act that appears sane and dignified.

Some Democrats will still try to stop this nomination, but I can see when I'm beat.

I don't even care any more.  I just hope dt can be impeached before any more seats on the Supreme Court need to be filled.

I'm also hoping that Gorsuch may have the good sense not to try to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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