Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bannon at the Vatican

Apparently we now need to know that Steve Bannon is Catholic and made a 2014 trip to the Vatican to conspire with right-wing Catholics.

Thank you to Jason Horowitz of the New York Times for his front-page story today informing us about these things we never thought we had to know.


Bannon has made friends with Cardinal Raymond Burke, formerly Archbishop of St. Louis, currently a Vatican official, who has openly clashed with the Pope, opposing the direction he has taken toward greater inclusiveness and openness.

Bannon thinks the church has moved toward a "cultural Marxism."  He calls Pope Francis a "socialist/communist."

The "radical traditionalists" in the Vatican see Bannon and Trump as potentially standing up for "traditional Christian values and again Muslim interlopers," reports Horowitz.

What kind of traditional Christian values does Trump stand for?  Divorce and remarriage?  Sexual assault?  Neglect of the poor?

Ah, it's the not-so-traditional fairly recent right-to-life position they are thinking of.  The Institute for Human Dignity was founded by a friend of Archbishop Burke.  Bannon and Trump and Pence are useful to these priests for their anti-abortion stand.  (Not that Trump has taken this stand for very long.)

A few weeks ago Pope Francis demoted Burke and stripped him of institutional influence.

American right-to-lifers then in January gave Burke an award designated for someone who has "received a stab in the back."

Well, not to worry.  The Pope is firmly set on his path of following St. Francis and Jesus.  Furthermore, having been born and raised in Argentina, he knows how to stand up to fascism and right-wing governments.


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