Wednesday, February 8, 2017

In Memoriam: Hans Rosling

The world mourns statistician Hans Rosling, who died on Tuesday, February 7, felled by pancreatic cancer at age 68.

He was renowned for the insights he so brilliantly brought to his students and audiences.

Here's an earlier biography of this Swedish professor:

Watch a couple of his TED talks to understand how the lives of humans in various parts of the world have changed over the last two hundred years.
     "The best stats you've ever seen." - "Let my dataset change your mindset."

"The mindset of my students corresponds to the world of the year their teachers were born," he says, using moving graphs of birth and death rates, standard of living, and other measurements to demonstrate how the world has been changing.

Go to his website, Gapminder, to get in touch with the economic and health and other realities of the world and how it has changed.

Subjects of the bubble charts and documentaries include:

  • How not to be ignorant about the world
  • Don't panic--end poverty.
  • Refresh your world.

Praise be to the Creator for Hans Rosling's work and his message, now carried on by his colleagues, his wife, his children, and his students.

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