Thursday, February 9, 2017

Melissa & SNL skewer dt

Still watching Melissa McCarthy's great impersonation of Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live for February 4...

Topics ridiculed include:

  • Spicer's hostility to the press including the CNN reporter in diapers in a cage
  • His exaggeration of  public response to the prez's announcement of a Supreme Court nominee--"a standing ovation which lasted a full 15 min... everyone was smiling, everyone was happy, and no one was sad.  Okay those are the facts forever..." 
  • The prez's watching of silly films/media - Finding Dory
  • The travel ban that is not a ban
  • Horror of press at Spicer's ridiculous responses
  • False info "so print that--that's your story."
  • Betsy DeVos impersonation with her inability to answer whether she sees growth or proficiency as more important in evaluating students
  • Not mentioning the Jewish people in the president's Holocaust Remembrance Day statement
  • Calling the press liars and using a water gun with soapy water to "wash out your mouths"

Also great was the opening skit.

Steve Bannon is depicted as the medieval figure of Death, a skeleton in a black hood and cloak

  • Bannon suggesting the prez call Australia when he's tired and cranky--refusing refugees, hanging up on him with the words "prepare to go to war"
  • "huge massacre at Bowling Green"--
  • dt's focus on The Apprentice & how bad it
  • dt calling Mexico--calling them "bad hombre"--ending "preparing to go to war"
  • dt not knowing who Frederick Douglass was
  • dt to Angela Mirkel: changing Holocaust Remembrance Day to "6 million people were at my inauguration," then "Germany sucks, your wall failed, prepare to go to war"
  • calling Zimbabwe president who says "You think you are a big time dictator?  I will rip out your spine and drink from your skull! ... Don't you ever call Zimbabwe again" and hangs up on dt.
  • Bannon actually being president while dt moves to a small desk

Together, both skits reviewed most of the outrageous happenings of the last week.  May they go down in history.

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