Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sandy Hook Pain Grows

In a year of painful news, this report rates as by far the worst:

Sandy Hook victims' fresh agony

In age of 'alternative facts,' the massacre is called a hoax.

"If there is anything worse than losing a child," begins reporter Barbara Demick, "it is losing a child and having people taunt you over the loss."


Apparently haters have been harassing the parents and siblings of the dead children--even more after the 2016 election--saying that the shooting deaths of 26 children and staff members never happened.  

It was all pretend--acted out--in order to pass legislation to take guns away from gun owners. 

Alex Jones and his web-based radio and video network have pushed this theory that Democrats staged Sandy Hook.

Jones has been praised by Michael Flynn (new national security adviser) and by dt, who called him after Nov. 8 to say thanks for his help in the election.

Newtown is planning to send Trump a letter asking him to sever his ties with Jones.  

The family of Noah Pozner, who are Jewish, have been targeted by anti-Semites, who claim that "powerful Zionists" were perpetrators of the attack.

Blame the victims has always been a successful tactic, and more so as "alternative facts" gain ground.

Noah's family has moved six times since his death in order to evade death threats and other harassment.

In the final weeks of her campaign, Hillary Clinton aired an ad attacking dt's support for Jones, but dt fans were told by Jones that the Sandy Hook deaths were not "something real." Actors were used, he insinuated.

Let's all take a moment of silence to pray for the Sandy Hook families and then send a postcard asking dt to speak out against Jones and his lies.

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