Friday, February 17, 2017

Resist Facism

Today it's been four weeks since dt was sworn in as the 45th president of the USA.

It seems like four years.

It's a nightmare from which I do not wake.

On KPFK today there was talk of how we need to resist fascism--while we still can.  Sonali Kolhatkar hosts Rising Up with Sonali.  KPFK is a left-of-NPR radio station in southern California with a sister station KPFA in the San Francisco Bay area.

I've never been completely clear on what Fascism is, but now that I see it happening, I'm starting to understand.

  • Jailing those who disagree with the leader(s) in power.  Some Germans tried to resist Hitler, but not enough.  First Hitler jailed people associated with the Communist Party.  Then other groups were jailed.  (Thus: resist while we can...)
  • Decrying the media as false -- a key tool used by Hitler to prevent Germans from learning the truth.
  • Ultra-patriotism... as in "America first!"
  • Populism--a false populism that appeals to the people but leads to authoritarian goverment.

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