Sunday, February 12, 2017

SNL: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

When Saturday Night Live gets it right, it's superb,

But SNL got it totally wrong last night with its Fatal Attraction skit featuring Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway.

I was disgusted to see a woman with a serious job on the national scene sexualized in that demeaning way.

Yes, I hate her statements defending Trump, but no woman deserves to be parodied that way.

The little boys who thought that act would be funny have betrayed their basic lack of respect for women.

The voices on Twitter who liked it are equally dismaying.

How can women enter politics if they know their enemies will attack them in ways that are purely sexual and have nothing to do with their political stances?

No one takes a man in politics and turns him into a pathetic, sex-starved caricature.

Not even 45 has been treated like that.

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