Friday, February 10, 2017

Not God's Will

God does not will human suffering.

I heard someone say yesterday, "God's will is everything that is.  Accept it."


When Guadalupe Garcia was deported from Phoenix to Mexico after a routine check-in at ICE on February 8, this event was not God's will.

When as many as 13,000 people were hung at the Saydnaya Prison near Damascus between September 2011 and December 2015, their deaths were not God's will.

Here's Amnesty International's 2-minute video about the murders in this prison:

The continued murderous rule of Bashar al-Assad in Syria is not God's will.  He denies the report from Amnesty that these people were hung.

The drowning of my 15-month-old nephew in a jacuzzi was not God's will.  A pastor said at his memorial service, "God took him home."

No, after the drowning occurred, God enfolded the baby in her loving arms.  But beforehand, the God I worship did not ordain "Today I will that this baby die."

The Holocaust was not God's will.

The election of dt was not God's will.

The Bible makes very clear that our human will is often in conflict with God's will.  Even when we somewhat want to do right, doing evil instead is all too easy.  The Apostle Paul wrote,"So I find it to be a law that when I want to do what is good, evil lies close at hand" (Romans 7:21).  

So if you hear the lie about a horrendously omnipotent (male) God who wills everything that happens, don't believe it.

The Creator whom Jesus of Nazareth served was One who suffered with us in our pain and asked us to bend our wills to meet the Divine Energy, which always wills the good.

Yes, God can take human crimes and errors and use them to teach us, to grow compassion or change in us, to make some good come out of them, as Paul writes in Romans 8:28: "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to God's purpose."

But don't give me this lie that the evil around us is part of God's will.

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