Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Video of Stephen Miller at 15 yrs.

My daughter Ellen and her friends were classmates at Santa Monica High School with a kid who is now Trump's "senior" advisor at age 31. 

His name is Stephen Miller.  He was notorious even then for his racism, especially toward immigrants.

One friend had the insight and skills to make a 6-min documentary about him for her film class in 2002.  It was never shown in the campus film festival because Stephen's mother refused to grant permission for it to be seen.

Now part of it has been aired on Univision, the Spanish-language tv station and is available on the internet.

 Ellen speaks for about a minute in the video.

Univision aired it a few days ago and placed an article with more details about Miller's past on its website.  The video is in English with Spanish subtitles.  The article is in Spanish, but my computer gives me the option to see it translated into English.

This is the type of person whom 45 hires and admires.

See these other recent reports on this strange young man being used by the prez:

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