Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tweets from the Cuckoo?

I refuse to follow dt on Twitter, but I was wondering if this report of tweets by him on Saturday, March 11, were real.

Complaining that the Underground Railroad "stole our property"?

Taunting that Canada can't keep "our big beautiful soldiers off your soil"?

Thinking ISIS may get Canada's oil: "Sharia law and North American energy do NOT mix!" ?

It turns out that a related report last summer was rated false by Snopes.  Therefore, this report from CounterPunch is also fake news--supposedly for someone's entertainment.  I don't find it funny to have my inbox polluted by fake new.

Thank you to David Mikkelson and the website for helping us to sort fact from fiction.

I'm sorry that I wasted my time reading this report and posting on it--with a question mark.

Add CounterPunch to your list of websites not to be trusted.

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