Friday, March 10, 2017

More on "Hidden Figures"

Katherine Johnson, one of the real women behind "Hidden Figures"

If you're really into Hidden Figures, you'll want to read this guest blog post on the Scientific American website:

Susan L. Marquis is dean of the graduate school at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica.  She attends St. Augustine by-the-sea Episcopal Church, where my huband John Arthur is a member.

She and others at the RAND screening describe what it's like to be the first woman in their scientific fields, and Marquis reminds us of a point made by the woman who did the research that became this film:

In her book, “Hidden Figures,” author Margot Lee Shetterly calls the title “something of a misnomer.” The history she documented wasn’t “so much hidden as unseen,” she writes.

Thanks to John for sending me the link to this article.

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