Saturday, March 4, 2017

Survivors warn: "Never again"

A Japanese-American warning: It can happen again.

To those who have experienced concentration camps and genocide, dt's executive orders banning Muslim refugees and travelers from 6 nations is ominous.

There are Jewish Americans who survived the Holocaust, and some of them are speaking out to prevent government-sponsored racial or religious exclusion from happening again.

One such man is Bernard Marks, interviewed by the Sacramento Bee.

There are still living survivors of the 1940s Japanese-American concentration camps in California and other western states.  I met one woman at the march in Los Angeles on Jan. 21.

Bernard refuses to "stand silently by and watch as executive orders erode the essence of this nation’s character and creed."

"I remember how silent people were, how quietly complicit neighbors and community were as the Nazi occupation of my home in Lodz, Poland, slowly progressed into what the world knows today as the Holocaust, " he says.

"I urge Americans to not think for a moment, 'It can’t happen here.'"
His story is compelling.  Read it using the link above--and donate to the Eleanor J. Marks Foundation.

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