Thursday, March 9, 2017

California vs. Anti-Abortion GOP

The health care plan proposed by our Republican friends in Washington is all about tax rebates, not subsidies.

Of course, if your income is so low that you don't pay federal or state tax, that tax rebate becomes a check--in essence, a subsidy for your health care.

But you can't get that tax rebate if you subscribe to a health plan that covers abortion.

And virtually all health plans in California cover abortion--so no one in California would get those wonderful tax rebates.

" state is as comprehensive in requiring private insurers to cover abortion as California," reports Melanie Mason in today's Los Angeles Times.

Of course, if you get your health insurance from your employer, you don't have to worry about this.  Nothing will change. 

The whole idea of Obama's Affordable Care Act, however, was to insure those who don't have employer-provided health care.  Californians who got coverage with the ACA would be screwed under RyanTrumpCare.  

Not to mention the poor and women in other states who end up needing to terminate a pregnancy.

Here's what Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer had to say about the proposed health plan:

“So we Democrats are here today to tell our Republican friends: Turn back, drop this irresponsible plan, stop this effort to repeal, and we'll work with you to improve the Affordable Care Act. But Trumpcare is a loser for just about all of America unless you're in the top 1 percent.”

The saga of US refusal to adopt universal health care continues.

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