Thursday, March 30, 2017

Good News for Women--for a change

Women's ice hockey at the national level just got some respect, reports Christine Brennan in USA Today sports.

After a 13-day strike and some tough negotiation, the women's hockey team got a good contract from USA Hockey

The result of this unprecedented show of solidarity was an equally unprecedented four-year deal with compensation of about $70,000 per player per year, a stunning jump from the equivalent of the pathetic $1,500 per year the players were getting. Throw in the new performance bonuses USA Hockey agreed to pay the players and their income could rise to six figures annually if they win the Olympic gold medal or world championship.
The women’s team also will receive the same level of travel arrangements and insurance coverage as the men’s team, for the first time ever, and there will be maternity support. There also are provisions to advance women’s and girls’ hockey at the youth levels, a cause that was very important to the national team players.

Thanks to my friend Diane for letting me know about this (Christine is her cousin).

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