Sunday, March 26, 2017

LAT goes on record against Gorsuch

Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii

Thank you to the LA Times for its editorial today arguing that Neil Gorsuch should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

I agree completely.  

After refusing to allow Merrick Garland even to be questioned in the Senate Judiciary Committee, it's immoral for the GOP to roll ahead with Neil Gorsuch's nomination as if the situation is normal.

It's not.  Actually, it's a SNAFU --Situation Normal All Fucked Up.

Gorsuch is a textualist, as the LA Times points out.  I learned that by listening to him defend his "frozen truck driver" ruling and his Hobby Lobby ruling.

In both those cases, Gorsuch ruled against the little person and in favor of a large corporation.

Corporation?  Or truck driver fired for saving his life by abandoning his load for 30 minutes?

Corporation?  Or pregnant employee of Hobby Lobby who needs health insurance that includes abortion?

The answer is clear.

Another question that the LA Times did not ask:  

Do we want a SCOTUS nominee by a respected president who has served 7 years and still has one year to go?

Or a nominee by a lying president on the 12th day of his presidency, who is under investigation by the FBI, the House Intelligence Committee, and soon by the Senate Intelligence Committee?  
If he's out of office in his first year, he still would have swung the balance on the Supreme Court.  If he becomes, like Nixon, a despised criminal, how can his Supreme Court pick still be regarded as legitimate?

I call on other newspapers to speak out against Gorsuch and raise these issues.

Thank you to Senators Al Franken, Dianne Feinstein, and Mazie Hirono for exposing Gorsuch's flaws during televised hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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