Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Three Weeks Later: Still Out of Whack

Balanced Rock in Arches National Park, Utah

Like the rock somehow still standing in this photo on the November page of my calendar, dt hovers over our nation, the lump elected president but about to fall off, shattering himself and damaging the lives of untold numbers of others.  

Thank you to the Los Angeles Times for today's editorial titled "The so-called rigged election."


We're used to close presidential elections, begins the piece:

"Yet three weeks after the final ballots were cast in the 2016 election, the notion that the contest was 'rigged' or otherwise lacking in legitimacy is alarmingly widespread....  the unease is real."

The writers credit dt with sowing doubt about the election process during his campaign and even now with "peddling utterly unsubstantiated claims about 'millions' of illegally cast votes in an effort to explain away his second-place finish in the popular vote)."

They cite the Electoral College as "an anti-democratic anachronism that should be abolished through a constitutional amendment."  Not in my lifetime.

Then they discuss the three main reasons why Democrats consider this election to have been flawed:

1) The hacking of key Clinton campaign emails and DNC emails by Russians,

2) FBI Director James Comey's announcement on Oct. 28 of reopening the investigation into Clinton's private email server--and his "never mind" two days before the election, 
3) evidence that some Republican legislatures made it harder for Democratic-leaning voters to vote, such as the Wisconsin law requiring photo ID to vote.  Did this contribute to the decline in turn-out in poor areas of Milwaukee?  dt won Wisconsin by only 22,177 votes.

Thus three weeks later we still have a bad taste in our mouths after swallowing the election "results."

There will be a recount in Wisconsin and in Michigan, where dt won by only 10,704 votes, and in Pennsylvania, where his lead was 68,030 votes.  Here's the story by Noah Bierman and Michael A. Memoli:


But the three key flaws cited above cannot be changed. 

We are stuck with an unusually well-qualified candidate--female--winning the popular vote by 2.5 million votes--but losing in the Electoral College to the most unqualified candidate ever to take office.  And what a surprise--this bozo is male.

Once again, a woman has to be ten times as well-qualified as a man to get the job.  If there's the slightest doubt about her, give it to the Groper in Chief.  

The gender dynamics in this election are so outrageous that I refuse to live with a dt presidency, to resume business as usual.  I will hate dt with every fiber in my body.  I will fight him through my blog and Facebook page and tweets....  I am investigating whether to move to Mexico as a political statement.

I will watch him unravel into a presidency like Ronald Reagan's second term, where those around him control his rants and tweets and try to carry out the business of running the nation.

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