Friday, November 11, 2016

Stay tuned...

dt has a court date on Dec. 16 for rape of a 13-yr-old.  Stay tuned.  Will he get off because he's president-elect?

Thank you to Whitney Gustafson for bringing dt's upcoming court case to my attention.


Now I will turn to another subject, one that dt supporters like to bring up--HRC's courtroom defense of a rapist in 1975.

Here's my take after reading this article on

Hillary didn't want to take the case, but refusing it as a young lawyer probably would have cost her the job she had.  

Now I'm sure she wishes she had refused to be this guy's defense lawyer.  

At any rate, being a rapist and defending one in the courtroom are worlds apart.

From the article:

“I don’t want to represent this guy. I just can’t stand this,” Gibson recalled Clinton pleading with him. “I don’t want to get involved. Can you get me off?”
Gibson suggested that she take her pleas to the judge, which Clinton did. But the judge was unsympathetic, ordering her to take Taylor’s case.
Once she no longer had a choice in the matter, Clinton said in a 2014 interview that she had a professional obligation to give Taylor the strongest possible defense.
“I had a professional duty to represent my client to the best of my ability, which I did,” she said.

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