Friday, November 11, 2016

How millennials voted...

Hope for the future... this is how millennials voted in the presidential race.

Thanks to my daughter, Marie AE, for keeping me sane with her fighting spirit these last few days.  

(She sent this post and called me several times...)

Funny that we don't hear anything from dt now about the election being rigged.  

If anything, the electoral college rigs the election in favor of rural voters every time we vote for a national president.

Hillary Rodham Clinton won the popular vote.  Never forget that.  

The state of Maryland has changed its laws to allow its own electoral college voters to follow the popular vote of the state and the popular vote of the nation, regardless of what direction the county-by-county or state-by-state vote goes.

May Michigan, Florida, and other states follow the example of Maryland.

The other way this election was thrown was by the intervention of FBI Director James Comey.  Had he not sent out his three ambiguous, threatening, damaging letters, Hillary RC would have been elected.  

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