Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fleeing the US

No wall you can build, bully, will keep me in.  

I'm going to Mexico--a better place to live than the US under your pretended presidency.  

Today I'm driving to Mexicali and San Felipe to check things out: housing prices, neighborhoods, towns to live in.  Will spend the weekend.  

Some people are going to Canada or France.  I say, do what dt doesn't understand, what he loathes.  

See the beauties of a neighbor that we have put down for years, both militarily and verbally. 

Going where I don't have a 711 store handy, where I may be the victim of a crime, where getting internet access is harder.  

St. Francis, Mother Theresa, and all the saints would approve--but I know I'm still going as a relatively wealthy person with a lot of privilege.

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