Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lies and "Never Mind"s

Every day we hear that yet another of dt's campaign slogans and promises has been scrapped:
--repeal Obamacare?  well, maybe not...
--pull out of the Paris environmental agreement?  no, not really
--ban Muslim immigrants? not so much.
--waterboarding?  maybe not a good idea...

Things he's no longer proud of saying, he labels "campaign rhetoric" or "locker room talk"--and poof, they are gone.

Now it's "Lock her up."  

That chant got him elected--but today he tells the New York Times that he's not really going to set up a commission to investigate HRC and try to convict her of something and jail her.

And by the way, he's friends with the NYT now.  All the caustic labels are gone, for the moment.

Some Democrats are heartened by these about-faces.  "Hey, maybe his presidency won't be so bad," they say.

Not me.  I am disgusted by the way he so easily switches off the hate that got him elected.

Each time Trump reverses a campaign position, he becomes a greater liar. 

He used "Lock her up" to win the election but had no intention of actually trying to do it. 

He said whatever was convenient to get more votes--now he says whatever he needs to in order to get enough Romneys and others to work with him. 

He's a liar, and I become more bitter about his tactics to defeat Hillary Clinton with every reversal I hear.

Lie, cheat, and steal so you can win the election.  

He has no idea that any moral standards exist.  He doesn't think that God is watching him--or that anyone else is watching except his sycophants.

The only way I can survive is to turn off the television permanently, turn off NPR whenever I hear his voice or someone making excuses for him. and limit my intake of print journalism.

Thank you to Larry Mantle for airing this dt credibility problem on AirTalk today.

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