Sunday, November 6, 2016

Maureen Dowd Makes a Boo Boo

I thought Maureen Dowd could do no wrong.

I was wrong.

Her column today "The End Is Nigh" unfairly parallels dt and Hillary Rodham Clinton as both "filled with fear and insecurity."

Are you kidding?  It's true of him, but not of her.  

She has more courage than most women I have ever known.  

What fear she has is totally warranted by circumstances--like being harassed by FBI Director James R. Comey nine days and then less than two days before the election.  Like her husband not being faithful.  Any human has warranted fear in those circumstances.

Yes, "her battles have made her... guarded" as you point out toward the end.

That's called learning--unlike the recklessness of dt who is not guarded and makes the same mistakes again and again.

To compare her to him in this regard is totally unwarranted.

I'm, like, totally unfollowing you on Twitter, Maureen.  Know that will break your heart.

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