Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Day

I am thankful for only one thing: that President Obama lived to complete his two terms and was not assassinated.  

Not much else on the horizon to be thankful for, except that I will not live too much longer, 5-10 yrs.

I'm still angry that this asshole won the presidential election.

My analysis, with thanks to the psychiatric analysis by guests on The Diane Rehm Show last summer:

1)  He has some form of dementia, probably Alzheimer's.  Evidence: lack of memory, lack of impulse control, grandiosity, etc.  I saw it with my mother--see my other blog, Doing Dementia

 2)  He will be managed by those around him during his presidency, as Ronald Reagan was during his second term.  He won't have a second term.

3)  He is pathetic.  Not worth my anger, which will eventually diminish.

I guess I can finally take down my yard signs for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.

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