Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pope extends compassion to dt

What would Jesus do?  If dt paid him a visit, that is.

Probably the same thing Pope Francis did.

He was polite, even attempting a joke with Melanie Trump.

He spoke to dt privately--about health care, immigration, and the environment.  He gave dt a copy of his encyclical on the importance of action against climate change.

He probably spoke about peace too--peace vs. war.  As in "Was it right to sell $110 billion worth of armaments to Saudi Arabia?  What do you think they will do with them?  Will more lives be lost?"

Fortunately, Sen. Rand Paul will force a vote in the Senate to approve or disapprove that deal.


What did dt say afterward his meeting with the Pope?  He marveled at the man in white robes: "He is something."

He didn't try to sell him arms, or a used car either.


What did the Pope say afterwards--or perhaps think?

"God forgive him--he knows not what he does."

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