Thursday, May 4, 2017

Depression spikes today with House vote


I can't deal with the House of Representatives passing a bill that would hurt women, the poor, people trying to fight addiction, and people with mental health issues.

And the prez lies: "We're going to have great, great health care for all Americans."

1)   Pregnancy, C-section, and post-partum depression are pre-existing conditions.  If you are pregnant and lose your job and have to get a new health insurance plan, your pregnancy will not be covered.

Happy Mothers Day, women.  

"Even a completed pregnancy, with no or minor complications, would result in a premium hike of $17,060 – a 425% increase," reports The Independent,

2)   All mental health issues are fairly long-standing.  They're pre-existing--so no help under this so-called "health plan" for our nation.  We can expect more insane mass murderers.

3)   Being addicted to drugs is another way to not be covered.  No coverage for medical help for addiction if you are addicted and need to change health plans.

4)   Being poor will disqualify some 24 million people from health insurance over the next ten years, thanks to a nearly trillion dollar cut in Medicaid.

Depression.  I'm now depressed by hearing this news--I and 200 million other Americans.  Out of the 322 million people in this nation, I estimate that 2/3 are dismayed/disgusted/depressed by this attempt to roll back health care.

So we all have this condition that will not be covered one of us loses a job with health insurance and has to buy a new insurance plan.

It's the era of 45, folks.  Run out and get your meds for depression or anxiety now if you have insurance.  And don't do anything that might cause you to lose your coverage.

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