Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Our Bumbling Idiot President

Abraham Lincoln: aghast at dt,
the bull in the china shop of Civil War history

I don't follow dt any more.  I've decided the New York Times and Los Angeles Times and Washington Post can keep an eye on him without my help.

But every few days some tidbit of what 45 has said or done penetrates the walls I have placed around my serenity.

Today it's the remarks he made on May 1 regarding the Civil War.  This NYT headline says it all:

This President Doesn't Go by the (History) Book: Remarks on Civil War Underscore Tenuous Grasp of the Past.


Andrew Jackson "really angry" about the Civil War??

Why did the Civil War happen, anyway?

What--Abe Lincoln a Republican?

Frederick Douglass isn't a radical living today?

The sheer ignorance of this bumbling, dumbling fool is dismaying.

Abraham Lincoln is aghast as a ghost.  

President Obama is holding his breath and hoping this fool doesn't start a war with North Korea.

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