Monday, May 8, 2017

Go, Sally Yates!

Former Acting Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates

What a relief to see strong women standing up to the clowns surrounding 45 and the Republican senators defending him.

I watched the Senate Intelligence Committee subcommittee hearing for a while today.

Sally:  I told them Mike Flynn was compromised.  They went ahead.

Republicans:  But who leaked what when?

Sally: I was in the White House on Jan. 26, the afternoon before the EO banning travelers from seven countries, but the men I met with didn't mention it or ask for any review.  Perhaps they didn't want input on whether it was Constitutional or not.

Republicans:  But who leaked what when?

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Is it material for blackmail when an official [Flynn] is caught on tape saying one thing & then lies to the vice president?

Sally and James Clapper: Yes.

Republicans:  But somebody leaked something...

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