Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bad, very bad thinking


Never was a presidential trip abroad watched more closely--and I'm guilty too for watching.

I hope he doesn't misbehave, I kept thinking.  Don't say anything stupid.  But as we all watched:

  • he signed deals to sell more armaments to Saudi Arabia, 
  • he profaned the Western Wall with his touch, 
  • he gave to the Russians the code-level intelligence won by the Israelis, 
  • he avoided committing to NATO, and 
  • he insulted all Germans.

On the same day my friends arrived from Germany to tour the US, dt said something like "Germans are bad" or "Germany is bad."

During a meeting Thursday with European Union officials in Brussels, Trump allegedly said, “The Germans are bad, very bad,” according to Germany’s Spiegel Online, which cited unnamed sources in the room. He continued, the outlet said, by saying: “See the millions of cars they are selling in the U.S.? Terrible. We will stop this.”

Thank you for reporting on this, WaPO!

But now how to meet with my German friends after this awkward day?

It's just like his approach to drugs from Mexico: we in the USA are not bad for buying cars or drugs--it's the Mexicans and the Germans who are bad for transporting and selling them.

All I can do is apologize and do my best to impeach.

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