Tuesday, April 4, 2017

They Gave Their Lives

Miroslava Breach gave her life to report on drug cartels and corruption in Mexico.

She was asassinated on March 23 early in the morning while leaving her driveway to take her young son to school.  He was in the car, witnessing her death.


Miroslava was one of five Mexican journalists shot in March--three died and two more wounded.

As a result, the newspaper of Ciudad Juarez, twin city of El Paso, closed down this week.

It's too dangerous to be a journalist, said its owner and founder, Oscar Cantu Murgia.


In memoriam:
Miroslava Breach - March 23, Chihuahua
Ricardo Monlui - March 19, Veracruz
Cecilio Pineda Birto - March 2, Guerrero

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