Thursday, April 13, 2017

Send Spicer to Auschwitz

Crematorium II Bldg. at Auschwitz
with gas chamber and furnaces for burning bodies 

Be sure to read these three letters to the editor in the LA Times today, responding to Sean Spicer's mistaken comment that Hitler didn't use chemical weapons

I agree with Marianne Bobick, the Holocaust survivor in Long Beach who wrote the first letter.

She said Spicer should:
  1. Resign as White House Press Secretary,
  2. Take a tour of Auschwitz and look at the rooms where thousands of people were killed with poisonous gas
  3. Visit a few Holocaust museums
  4. All of the above
He just doesn't have the historical background to continue as press secretary--nor does he have public support.

The Crematorium II building, which contained a gas chamber and furnaces for burning corpses. Several hundred thousand Jewish men, women and children were murdered here with poison gas, and their bodies burned. The bodies of Jewish and non-Jewish prisoners who died in the concentration camp were also burned here. According to calculations by the German authorities, 1,440 corpses could be burned in this crematorium every 24 hours. According to the testimony of former prisoners, the figure was higher.

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