Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gas attack kills twins, 9 months old

How to improve a 30% approval rating?

How to change the subject away from the Trump campaign's possible collusion with Russian agents to defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton?

How to get everyone behind you?

Drop a few bombs!  Act like a real president of the USA.

Thank you, Bashar al-Assad, for rescuing dt from his floundering mess of a presidency by using poisonous gas on your own people--killing 75 or more people, including 9-month-old twins Aya and Ahmed Yussef.

And dt's first response was not a statement of sympathy for the loss of life, but a complaint that President Obama had not done more to stop Syria and save him from having to deal with this crisis.

The father of the twins, Abdulhamid al-Yussef, lost his wife, the twins, and 16 other family members.

What does our Secretary of State say?

Trump's Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said on Wednesday there was "no doubt" that Assad was responsible for the attack and called on Russia to "really think carefully" about its continued support for the regime.
What a threat!  "Think carefully."

And Russia mocks the US in return:  You are [still] an independent state.  You do something.

When asked if Russia would reconsider its backing for Assad, Russia's Foreign Ministry instead challenged the US to show its cards.
"Russia's approach to Assad is clear. He is the legal president of an independent state. What is the US approach?" ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told CNN in a text message.
Thank you to CNN for this report.
CNN goes on to review the gas attack of 2013:
"... in 2013, a chemical attack was carried out in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta, in which activists say 1,400 people died. It was blamed on the Syrian regime and prompted Obama to threaten military action.

President Obama went to Congress to ask for approval for military action in response to the gassing.  Congress refused--didn't even dare to vote on it.  The US public was not behind it; some members of Congress said their mail was running 800 to 1 against military escalation.

Trump was among those tweeting "Don't respond by bombing."

Yet this time he wants to respond with military action.  

Why?  He needs to improve his ratings in the polls and he's impulsive.  His generals propose bombing, and he says "Go ahead."  He doesn't bother to consult with Congress.

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