Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pence? Not to worry...

Thank you, Frank Bruni, for your reassurance today that we don't have to worry about Mike Pence running for president in 2020.

His op-ed column in today's New York Times is titled "Sorry, Mike Pence, You're Doomed."

"He sold his soul" to Trump, Bruni explains, so if Trump is still in office in 2019-2020, Pence can't compete with Trump for the nomination.  

John Kasich can run, Ben Sasse can, Tom Cotton can.  

Even if Pence did run, argues Bruni, he has no credibility.  His "surrender of principles" in support of Trump leaves him powerless as a follow-up alternative to Trump.

Super-Christian Pence doesn't act like a man who is following Jesus.

He trumpets his conservative Christianity and avoids supping alone with any woman other than his wife, then turns around and steadfastly enables an avowed groper with a bulging record of profanely sexual comments.
He publishes a testimonial, “Confessions of a Negative Campaigner,” in which he invokes Jesus while vowing never to repeat such political ugliness in the future, then turns around and collaborates with a politician whose ugliness knows no limit.

He's "a marked man."  

"There's no afterlife in this equation," concludes Bruni.

We may have to endure a year or two of a Pence presidency after Trump resigns or is voted out of office by the Senate, but he would be confined to a limping-along performance hampered by an empowered Congress.

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