Thursday, October 20, 2016

Patriotism vs. US Bashing

Even though my Halloween decorations are up, I want to hang out my flag.

I feel so bad for my country after listening to dt's slurs against the United States of America and our electoral process in the debate last night.

I don't usually wave the flag and feel patriotic, but I must stand up for what's right with the US.

True, we've made many mistakes over the past 240 years, but we've done some things well.

We've had a peaceful transition of power after each election, for example.

Now dt threatens that outcome after the upcoming vote.  He refused to answer yes to Chris Wallace's question, "Will you absolutely accept the result of this election?"

His words empower the crazies to harass the new president and perhaps even use violence.

No nation lasts forever, but I'm sad to see the USA face opposition from within--in fact from the Republican nominee for president.

Do the patriotic thing and vote.

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