Saturday, October 8, 2016

Donald plays the woman card

This election didn't have to be 100% about gender, but dt is pushing
It in that direction.

In Britain Theresa May gained the prime minister post smoothly and quietly while dithering here over the US presidency has grown increasingly bizarre and ridiculous.

With a Republican nominee like Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz, the presidential campaign could have been about the issues facing this nation and the world.

Instead dt keeps pulling away from real debate and brings in gender. 

His history emerges:
* judging women by their looks and weight
* calling them pigs and worse
* boasting of conquest and sexual assault.

His current behavior reinforces his past:
* claiming Hillary doesn't have "the look"
* mocking her collapse into a car while she had pneumonia
* blaming her for using "the woman card"
* issuing a half-hearted apology focused on blaming others.

He is handing the election to Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

I'm grateful to see a woman moving toward the Oval Office at last, but the intensely gendered war against her and all women is sad.

Like racism, sexism remains alive and well.



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