Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Thank you to the Republican presidential nominee for bringing casual sexual abuse to the forefront of American conversation.

Brilliantly, Kelly Oxford used Twitter to call millions of women to reveal the impact of behavior he described in the 2005 audio and videotape recorded by Access Hollywood.

"Women: tweet me your first assaults," she tweeted on Friday evening three hours after the tape was first aired.

"And by Monday afternoon, nearly 27 million people had responded or visited Ms. Oxford's Twitter page," reports Jonathan Mahler in the New York Times today.


Like Kelly Oxford, thousands of women reported being grabbed in the crotch on buses, in stores, and on streets even when they were only 12 or 13 years old.

MSNBC reported on a woman from Afghanistan (Pakistan?) who tweeted that she had to think about which of many sexual assaults to use in answer to the Twitter challenge.

Thank you, Kelly, for starting this campaign to publicize the effects on women of being grabbed and groped.

You can tweet her: @kellyoxford

See also the website Our Stories Untold, which hosts stories of abuse survivors, especially survivors in Mennonite churches and other Protestant churches.  


One of its founders is my friend Barbra Graber.

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