Friday, October 7, 2016

Is it over?

At midnight on the West coast, the 2016 election tension appears to be easing.

dt appears to be self-destructing, melting like the wicked witch of the west.

Thank you, David Farenthold, for finding and releasing this short videotape from 2005 of the Republican candidate boasting of his ability to grab women by the groin and abuse them without being stopped.

We have only 32 days to go until the voting is over and we have a new president.

I don't understand how a majority of Americans could still vote for him after this.

His 90-second so-called apology videotape was called a "hostage statement" by MSNBC commentators tonight; his team forced him to do this video.

"248 words, but only 6 words of apology" said Lawrence O'Donnell.

He claimed that the words recorded in 2005 "don't reflect who I am."  He forgot to add the word "today."  No convincing then-and-now contrast.

He called the release of this video "nothing more than a distraction."

"You, sir, are the distraction," said Senator Mike Lee of Utah, calling on him to resign from the race.

But dt had said, "Let's be honest; we're living in the real world" before claiming the video is an unimportant distraction.

What does that mean?  Viciousness like this by men toward women is part of the real world? Women should just accept this "real world"?

After not convincing us about what kind of person he really is, he began to attack "Hillary and her kind."

Do we know what kind of person she is?  Yes, we have a pretty good idea.   Hillary is clearly way ahead of him ethically.  Most anybody is.

Then after not apologizing to the American women for his illegal words and actions, he began to attack Hillary claiming that she had "bullied, attacked, shamed, and intimidated" women with whom Bill Clinton had affairs.

That makes dt look okay? Does he really think he can make her look worse than he is in his treatment of women?

I am dumbfounded by his continuing blaming of everyone except himself.

The good news is that he is imploding.  

All HTC has to do in the town hall debate on Sunday is answer genuine policy questions from the public and let dt hang himself.

The gender politics here are just beyond belief.

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