Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pope Nun I

Hooray for Rachel Manteuffel in coining this new byword: Pope Nun I.

Rachel Manteuffel applauded E. J. Dionne's column asking for a nun to be pope and reported reader response in the Washington Post's PostPartisan blog, "Postscript: Dionne and Pope Nun I."

Shortly after news of Pope Benedict XVI's plans to resign, Dionne floated the idea of electing a nun to be pope.

His idea was quoted with glee by some observers and disgust by others, who noted that a woman doesn't have the physical prerequisites to be "the Holy Father."

That's just the point.  

Many nuns such as Joan Chittister do have what it takes to be holy, but some of the church's priests and cardinals--even those supposedly papabile--are lacking when it comes to holiness.

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