Last week as I drove to work to teach my first two classes of the spring semester, I was listening to Larry Mantle's Airtalk on KPCC, a public radio station out of Pasadena.  
The topic was the release of documents proving that Roger Mahoney and  his aide had discussed how to keep law enforcement from finding out about certain priests who had confessed to child sexual above and how the two had transferred priests out of the LA area.
I called in to make this point: Catholics and abuse survivors should pressure the Vatican to remove Roger Mahony from his status as a Cardinal.
I also told Larry that he shouldn't continue to refer to Mahony as "Archbishop Emeritus."  'You should just refer to him as 'the former archbishop,'" I said.
"But that's how he's referred to on his official stationery," Larry argued on the air.
"As of today, with the disclosures in these documents, he's no longer Emeritus," I answered. 
Now the new archbishop has officially removed Mahony from any status and "administrative or public duties" in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
But as Terence McKiernan pointed out Thursday, Mahoney needs to lose the title of Cardinal too.