Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hit 'em in the Wallet

I'm following comments on "Mahoney defends actions" on the LA Times website.  They're excellent.
One person writes:
 "What's amazing as well is that people will still continue to give money to the Church week after week, even though that money is mostly going to lawyers and lawsuit settlements.
As for me, not one penny to the Catholic Church anymore after reading these disgusting memos.  Not one penny more.  I urge other fellow Catholics to do the same.  
Donate to the various orders of nuns out there.  Their donations don't go to legions of lawyers and hundreds of millions in settlements."
[His/her handle is "Only a fool would."]
Yes, the real way to make a difference here is for Catholics to stop giving money to the church and for all persons to stop using Catholic schools, colleges, and hospitals.
The message will not get through to the top of the Church until revenues start to fall.

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