Monday, February 11, 2013

Pink Smoke Rises Again

The circus begins--woo hoo!

Cardinals of the Catholic Church will soon be parading about in their red robes, spectacularly sexist in their refusal to allow women in their midst.

Women who are pressuring for the ordination of women as priests will picket the event with big signs, as they did last time, and they will send up pink smoke signifying the absence of women in the priesthood and in the leadership decisions of the Church.

If you haven't seen Pink Smoke Over the Vatican yet, order your copy now from Amazon or another website.  In it Catholic women discuss their calling by the Holy Spirit to become priests, including some who as children acted out little scenes of Eucharist with their friends.

We need elections of new popes every year or two to keep the issue of male-only priesthood front and center in all media discussion of the Roman Catholic Church.

Dramatic scenes of sexism in the Church are like the coffins of lost soldiers that the US doesn't want to display.  As long as faithful Catholics don't have to think about the men-only club that governs them, the men can get away with anything, even cover-up of sexual abuse of children by priests.

The more face time these cardinals have the better.  Thanks, Ratzinger, for resigning.

I've got my popcorn and my picket signs ready--let the show begin!

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