Saturday, January 14, 2017

Making of a Racist

Santa Monica beach, a few blocks from SM High School

It turns out that dt speechwriter Stephen Miller graduated in the same class with one of my daughters and her friends at Santa Monica High School.

Here's the Huffington Post report on him written by Natalie Flores, who also was in that class of 2003:

A friend told me this week that her daughter was concerned about Miller's racism while they were still in high school. 

Her daughter even made a mini-documentary about him in her Audio Visual class--"but it was not shown in a student film festival because his mother, a lawyer, refused permission given that it would affect her son negatively."

I'm sure the film would have been bad for his reputation--and still would affect him negatively if released now.

In the film my daughter speaks for a moment or two "in defense of the janitors and in defense of human decency."

I'd heard about Miller this week and his having attended Santa Monica High School, but it never occurred to me that he might have been in the same class with one of my kids and that they might have known him.

Thank you to Natalie Flores for researching part of his story and trying to understand how Miller became such a right-wing person.

See also the LA Times article by Lisa Mascaro:

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