Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Letters to Obama

What a moving collection of letters archived over the last 8 years by the White House mailroom staff!

Read and enjoy this summary in the New York Times:


Some of the letters are from a parent who has lost a child to gun violence.

Other are from people fearing they will lose their health care insurance under dt.

“My wife is undocumented, I have three children, I’ve never been so scared in my life.”
“I’m disabled, I have seizures, will I still have health care.”
“Is he going to void my marriage? Am I going to still be with the person I love?”

The staff of the mail room has access to counseling because of the serious content of so many letters.

They answer letters but also give ten letters per day to President Obama, who personally answers some of them.

Thank you to my friend Sharon for this link.😊

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