Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Syria: Rukiya's Story

Prayers today for the people of Syria and for peace negotiations in Switzerland.


Thank you to Women's eNews for posting this report and video interview with Rukiya, a woman from Homs now a refugee in Jordan.  Here's a summary:

In this video, a Syrian woman who fled war-torn Homs describes her work washing the corpses of women. Negotiators in Geneva have just agreed to provide a relief corridor for women and children to leave districts that have been besieged since June 2012.

May the two sides and the intermediaries continue to meet.

May they agree that a process must begin in which Bashar al-Assad steps aside.

May the new government end bloodshed and torture of its people--something like 110,000 deaths in the last three years.

May there be safety and justice for Sunnis, Shi'as, Alawakis, Christians and others--for men as well as for women and children.

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