Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Celebrating 5 Years

Thank God we've had Barack Obama as our president for five years!

No, he hasn't done everything right, but he's done a hell of a lot better than John McCain or Mitch Romney would have done.

I'm so relieved that he hasn't yet been assassinated.  I pray that he may complete his second term and then serve in many other creative ways, as Jimmy Carter has done.

I'm eager to listen to his State of the Union address tonight.  He's a great orator, and I hope he'll have ideas on how to pass immigration legislation, in spite of the recalcitrance of Republicans in the House.

It's one of the seven talking points President Obama has been focusing on in the days leading up to his address:


It appears that John Boehner is trying to get his party to stop stalling on the issue:


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