Monday, January 27, 2014

Good News from Trader Joe's

$165 billion in food that is past its expiration date or overripe gets thrown out every year in the US, acccording to this report from NBC.

But Trader Joe's is starting a new store where food recently past its date will be sold at a substantial discount.

Yesterday's The Moth Radio Hour featured an account by Elisa Hunter of dumpster-diving and recovering much valuable food from a Trader Joe's dumpster.

Looks as if Trader Joe's is responding in a good way to the publicity about its food waste.  Hooray!

My friend Walter Hearn in Berkeley has been collecting good food from grocery story dumpsters for forty years as part of his commitment to simple living within a framework of radical Christianity.

I'm happy that a major food outlet is taking responsible action to make sure that healthy food goes to those who need it at steeplyl discounted prices.

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