Friday, July 17, 2009

Bad Traffic

We were driving at about 60 mph from Agra to Delhi on the Grand Trunk Road.

This road has two lanes in each direction separated by an eight-inch cement barrier, but it does not have limited access. Of course, driving is done on the left side of the road with the driver sitting in the right half of the front seat.

Cows, a herd of goats, black pigs can wander onto the road.

Traffic includes cars, vans, buses, trucks, tractors, autorickshaws, and motorcycles.

Our driver passed everything on the road, weaving in and out, honking to show his presence.

Occasionally there was a large truck just stopped in the left lane: screech, swerve.

When we went through towns, pedestrians and bicycle rickshaws joined the roadway.

Sometimes I just had to close my eyes for a few seconds until the latest sudden obstacle had been passed.

Photos are taken from the car in and around Agra and toward Delhi.

The last three are
--young men devoted to Krishna walking along the roadside barefoot (by the hundreds) in a pilgrimage to Mathura, his birthplace near Agra.
--a roadside restaurant and souvenir shop.
--a rooftop depiction of some deity.

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