Friday, July 14, 2017

Trump Now On His Way Out

Ever since dt was inaugurated, I've felt a responsibility to do my part to hasten his exit from the White House.  

I've tried to post every day on this blog, to read and listen to the daily news of his disastrous presidency, and to tweet as often as possible to senators, representatives, and others who can help to impeach and replace him.  

But after Jared Kushner's emails exulting in the opportunity to meet with Russians and obtain information to oppose Hillary Rodham Clinton's election, I see that the snowball is rolling downhill and cannot be stopped.

dt will be impeached--by November, I predict.  Long before the Mueller investigation completes its work.  And the Senate will then try him for his various crimes, from emoluments to collusion--unless he resigns first.

Therefore, I'm going to ease up on my intense efforts to get that ball rolling.  dt and his son-in-law and Paul Manafort and others have already set in motion the process that will impeach him.

Instead, on this day, I hiked near Sonora Pass on California Highway 108.  

I inhaled the clean air and glorious views of snow-capped peaks.  I sat in the solitude of a 10,000-foot hillside.

I'm not going to worry about dt any more.  He can still do damage, but he's on his way out.

May God forgive him--"He knows not what he does," as Jesus said.

He's an old man with dementia as evidenced by his poor memory, grandiosity, and lack of impulse control.

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