Saturday, September 24, 2016

The 11 Survivors of Atenco: Seeking Justice

Maria Patricia Romero Hernandez, now 48 yrs. old

Eleven women in Mexico are demanding justice for the brutal mass rape by police of more than 40 women in 2006 in San Salvador Atenco near Mexico City.

Most of the women had been students, merchants, and activists demonstrating in the town square.

See the powerful photos of the eleven survivors today who are pursuing justice:

Two demonstrators were killed and women demonstrators were forced into buses, where they were tortured and raped with various objects by police.

Afterward the police officers remained free but the women were imprisoned on charges of blocking traffic, some held for a year or more.

These women took their case to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, which has found that the police tortured them sexually and has called for further investigation.  

President Enrique Pena Nieto was then president of Mexico State and ordered the "crackdown" on demonstrations that resulted in the abuse.

In April he visited Atenco and made a speech about Children's Day--but never referred to the death, the protests, or the rapes.

May he rot in Hell.

Thank you to the New York Times, reporter Azam Ahmed, and photographer Daniel Berehulak for this important and moving front page story followed by a two-page picture spread.

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