Tuesday, August 2, 2016

US election "rigged"?

dt is afraid.  Very afraid.

"I'm afraid the election is going to be rigged," he said at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio.

The biggest loser is already giving excuses for why he may lose the presidential election on November 8.


The degree to which dt distrusts the US electoral system is just astounding.  That is not the first time he has made such statements.

The time to complain is afterward with proof.  Al Gore had plenty of reason to complain about the handling of votes cast for him in Florida in 2000 and about the Supreme Court decision that gave the presidency to George Bush.  


But Al Gore didn't go around whining about the process being "rigged."  He accepted America's best attempt to be fair in a close presidential contest.  He chose national unity over his own welfare.

Here we have a presidential candidate complaining before the fact without proof.  It is so mean-spirited.

Like his words in a Pennsylvania rally about his rival Hilary Rodham Clinton:  "She is the devil."

Has any presidential candidate ever said that about his opponent--ever??  No.

At another rally in Pennsylvania, he took the unprecedented step of directly calling Mrs Clinton "the devil".

How can we possibly endure another three months and 6 days of dt mouthing off?

May the days hasten and shorten until the time we can bury dt as an embarrassing footnote to American history.

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